Healthy fajita steak soup (instant pot or stove top)- A mexican inspired paleo soup that’s easy and delicious! Whole 30 friendly.


·         12 ounce steak (trimmed, fat removed)  (or two 5–6 ounce steaks)- See notes for other options.
·         1 tsp minced Garlic or 3 cloves
·         1 tbsp Oil
·         1/2 tsp Cumin
·         Pinch of chili powder
·         1 tsp sea salt
·         1/2 tsp of black pepper
·         1 c thick chunky Salsa or pico de Gallo of choice. Mild or hot
·         1 10 ounce can diced tomatoes with green chili or canned diced tomatoes with other Mexican spices
·         2 c Cauliflower rice  (1 small head with stem removed, see notes for easy prep)
·         1 Bell pepper – diced
·         4 c chicken Broth or chicken stock (gluten free)
·         1 cup fresh (torn) Cilantro – about 1 small bunch
·         1 Jalapeno
·         avocado slices and optional peppercorns to garnish


1.   Clean and remove fat from steaks. Make sure all your other ingredients are diced and ready for the soup. Set aside.
2.   Place instant pot on sauté setting. Place your steak, garlic, and oil in the instant pot.
3.   Brown meat with garlic and oil on sauté for 2 to 3 minutes, flipping once.
4.  Remove from instant pot and let the steak rest for 2 minutes. Then Slice into stew meat pieces.
5. Place the meat back in the instant pot and then add in the rest of ingredients and spiced, mix together.
6.  Place lid on instant pot then press Manual mode pressure cook. Cook for 15 min, then slow release. Quick release works just as well.
7.   Stir ingredients. Taste to see if it’s to you liking. Add more spices while it’s warm, if desired.
8.  Serve hot and garnish with torn fresh cilantro, jalapeño slices, avocado slices and peppercorn.


·    Heat a large stock pot to medium. Add steak meat (or stew meat) and brown with oil and garlic. Slice meat once browned and rested for 1-2 minutes.  If you’re using stew meat, skip the resting.
·         Add your vegetables to the pot, sauté for 2 minutes on medium. Next add the sliced steak meat back into the pot along with spices, broth or stock.
·     Cover with lid and set to medium low for 30 – 35 min or until meat and vegetables are cooked seasoned well with the broth. Taste and adjust if needed.
·       Serve and Garnish with cilantro, jalapeño, avocado

SEE NOTE FOR STORAGE. This soup does freeze well.

·    If you wish to skip searing steak fillets, you can buy stew meat already sliced and brown it in instant pot.
·    Store in airtight container in fridge for up to 7 days. Or freeze for 3 months.
·    If you’re wondering how to rice cauliflower, see my cauliflower rice soup recipe. Or you can buy prepared cauliflower rice in the freezer section!

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